Mikazukima's Voicebanks [Others]

1 - 070 Kofuku Mirai ACT1
   Voice Provider : Miakon
   Full Name : Mirai Kofuku 「子服みらい」
   Age : 16
   Height : 168 cm
   Weight : 58 kg
   Birthday : 11th of June
   Likes : Shotas, Kawaii things, Cactus (?), Singing, Guitar Keyboard (?)
   Personal Item(s) : n/a
moody but really fast to burnt by envy feelings, easily

Icon thanks to Miakon
Character desc updated thanks to Ryuzawa Enma
Sample sound thanks to Ryuzawa Enma
Virus issue fixed thanks to Ryuzawa Enma
The Latest Version is ACT1.5v1

   -Concept Art-
Still searching on her web

   -Voicebank Downloads-

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